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Since 2005, the Augustana Campus Library has given two annual awards recognizing and celebrating outstanding performance in information literacy by students and teaching faculty.

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The Augustana Campus Library Student Award for Library Research is an annual award of $500.00 acknowledging, rewarding, and celebrating current and convocating students of the Augustana Campus whose research makes extensive use of the services, resources, and collections of the Library. In addition to the cash award and plaque, the award winner has her or his name inscribed on a bookplate in a new library book. The application deadline for the 2014-2015 award is May 8, 2015.

2013-2014 Winner of the Student Award for Library Research

Caitlin HarneyCaitlin Harney

Her submission was based on library research conducted for her paper "Joint Attention Deficits and Language Acquisition in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder" that she wrote for Dr. Paula Marentette's PSY 471 (Language Acquisition) course.

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The Augustana Information Literacy Teaching Faculty Award for the Support of Information Literacy is an annual award given to an Augustana teaching faculty member who has contributed consistently and notably to the support and promotion of information literacy at Augustana Faculty. Nominations are accepted from Augustana students, staff, faculty and administrators. Deadline for nominations is September 30, 2015.

2014 Winner of the Teaching Faculty Award for the Support of Information Literacy

Dr. BeckerDr. Yvonne Becker, Associate Professor of Physical Education and Women's Studies

Dr. Yvonne Becker is an Associate Professor of Physical Education and Women's Studies. Yvonne has promoted information literacy (IL) in her classes for many years and took it a step higher recently by incorporating this work into several scholarly presentations. At the American Library Association conference held in Las Vegas (June 2014), she presented two papers. The first was "Her Voice Was Heard: Undergraduate Women's Studies Students Compare Narrative and Traditional Scholarly Resources in their Research", and the second was titled, "Women's Studies and Human Books: A Valuable Information Literacy Experiment". These two papers as well as another titled "Voices and Words: Using Human Books and Scholarly Articles to Understand Gender and Sexuality" presented at this year's Congress Conference at Brock University, drew upon Augustana's IL initiative called the Human Library. Yvonne's papers provided national and international recognition and promotion of IL at Augustana. Back in the classroom, Yvonne's practice of having her students use Human Books as resources (including citing them) was innovative and challenged students to learn and engage with topics in ways beyond more traditional assignments. These accomplishments, along with her long standing practice of incorporating additional IL elements in course assignments led her teaching colleagues to nominate her for this award, and subsequently convinced the award committee of her suitability as this year's winner.

Past Winners -Student Award for Library Research

Annelise Welde2012/2013 - Annelise Welde

Her submission was based on library research conducted for her paper "The Psychological Impact of Maternal Breast Cancer on Children: A Meta-Ethnography" written for Dr. Rebecca Purc-Stephenson's PSY 497/499 Independent Study Project.

Charley Switzer2011/2012 - James Gilbert

His submission was based on library research conducted for his paper "A Challenge to Freedom: The English Media's Portrayal of the Padlock Law" written for Dr. Melanie Methot's HIS 372 course.

Charley Switzer2010/2011 - Charley Switzer
Her submission was based on library research conducted for her paper "Understanding the Colonial Contexts of Health Disparity in Aboriginal People: A Look at Tuberculosis and Diabetes in Alberta" written for Dr. Chris Andersen's Native Studies 200 course.

2009/2010 - Wynn Coates Wynn's submission was based on library research conducted for his paper "Barack Obama: Pragmatist?" written for Dr. Jerome Melancon's AUPOL 412.  

Amy Wilhelm, 2009 Award Winner2008/2009 - Amy Wilhelm
Amy's submission was based on library research conducted for her paper, "The Evolution of Sustainable Development," written for Dr. Glynnis Hood's ENV 324.

Photograph of Sofie Forsstrom 2007/2008 - Sofie Forsström
Sofie's submission was based on library research conducted for her paper, "The Biodiversity Monitoring Potential of the Augustana Field Course in Costa Rica," written for Dr. Doris Audet’s ENV 301.

Photograph of Kim Montreuil 2006/2007 - Kim Mortreuil

Kim's submission was based on library research conducted for her paper, "Learning to Speak: Just How Do We Do It?," written for Dr. Paula Marentette's Cognitive Development course (PSY 362).

Kim Mortreuil, 2005-2006 Award Winner 2005/2006 - Kim Mortreuil
Kim's submission was based on library research conducted for her paper, "Munchausen by Proxy: Twisted Child Abuse," written for Dr. Jim Horley's Psychological Disorders course (PSY 483).

Honorable Mentions went to Rebecca Scholten for "Arctic Plant Adaptations to Environmental Stresses" and Karissa Sovdi for "The Author of her Fate: Feminine Control and Bodily Markings in The Scarlet Letter and Uncle Tom's Cabin."

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Past Winners - Teaching Faculty Award for the Support of Information Literacy

Dr. Hood  hspace=2013 - Dr. Glynnis Hood

Dr. Glynnis Hood is an Associate Professor of Environmental Science & Studies. In her teaching, Glynnis works closely with Augustana librarians to integrate a variety of instruction and assignments in her classes emphasizing information sources and citation. In the area of research, Glynnis successfully supported one of her students as the winner of Augustana's Student Award for Library Research. As well, she supervises research assistants regularly requiring these students to deeply engage with library resources in the research proposal and research processes. Lastly, Glynnis has worked with Augustana librarians to develop an annual innovative awareness-raising event to promote the concept of information literacy with students. The Great Augustana Library Snowshoe Chase is a scavenger hunt that encourages students to search through the library collection to seek the answers to a variety of questions each furthering the development of a specific information literacy skill. Glynnis generously provides the snowshoes offered as a prize for the contest.

Dr.Jérôme Melançon  hspace=2012 - Dr. Jérôme Melançon

Jérôme is a Sessional lecturer in Political Studies (& Philosophy). Jérôme has been recognized for his excellence in teaching through receiving the Augustana Students' Association's 2012 Betty Ostenrud Award, as well as the 2009-2010 Augustana Sessional Teaching award. The nomination for this award notes: "Dr. Melançon has intentionally and successfully incorporated information literacy into his political studies and political philosophy courses at Augustana. Specifically, Dr. Melançon draws on the resources offered by the Library staff to ensure that his students are properly oriented to the library and are able to initiate research projects that are appropriate to their year of study.

Dr. Neil Haave2011- Dr. Neil Haave

Dr. Haave is the Associate Dean of Teaching and Associate Professor of Biology on the Augustana Campus. In both of these roles he has been a strong advocate for information literacy on the Augustana Campus. Neil has taken a leadership role in incorporating the information literacy skill requirement into Augustana's curriculum. He has worked closely with Augustana librarians on developing an information literacy model for biology. Neil promotes the broadening of and incorporation of information literacy skills as part of a liberal arts and sciences education.

Roger Epp2010- Dr. Roger Epp, Dean of Augustana Faculty and Professor of Political Studies

Video clip of Dr. Roger Epp on Information Literacy

Roger has really supported the teaching culture in the Augustana Library and enabled librarians to take a lead on Information Literacy initiatives both in and outside the classroom. He encourages and recognizes the innovation on the part of the librarians noted Nancy Goebel, Augustana Head Librarian and Chair of the Award Committee. “Roger has been a strong advocate for library staffing needs and a champion for the need for the new library, which includes a dedicated teaching space. The new library enables students to learn and study with the appropriate library and writing centre staff available”.

Read more about Roger's award in the Augustana News.

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Photograph of Dr. Janet Wesselius 2009-Dr. Janet Wesselius, Philosophy
Dr. Wesselius's interest in excellence in undergraduate teaching and learning provides many opportunities for strategic collaboration with librarians to address information literacy in the various courses that she teaches. She welcomes the initiatives of librarians as guest instructors in her classroom and is always more than willing to collaborate on assignments that aim to develop students' information literacy. A notable collaboration included in the nomination for this award, detailed how Dr. Wesselius has designed innovative exercises and assignments to foster critical thinking giving students the opportunity to assess competing knowledge claims in various media, while requiring the use of library resources. In December 2009, Dr. Wesselius was also awarded the Augustana Faculty Teaching Award.

Photo of Dr. Shauna Wilton 2008 - Dr. Shauna Wilton, Political Studies

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Dr. Shauna Wilton's strong commitment to undergraduate teaching & learning is evident in her ongoing collaboration with librarians to address information literacy in the various Political Studies courses that she teaches. The nomination for this award, submitted by an Augustana student, included the following statement: "Professor Wilton maintains an on-going relationship with the library and its resources and strongly encourages her students to do the same." Dr. Wilton continues to seek ways to develop information literacy within the context of Political Studies. Accordingly, she has collaborated with librarians in the design of a new course, Political Studies 200, which will be a required course for all Political Studies students at Augustana. This course will introduce students to the research process and various methodological approaches within political studies, while helping students to develop research and information literacy skills. Topics included in the course will include research design and communication, quantitative and qualitative methods, exploring and assessing sources of information, as well as information literacy.

Dr. Milton Schlosser, 2007 Teaching Faculty Award for Support of Information Literacy winner 2007 - Dr. Milton Schlosser, Music

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Dr. Milton Schlosser is a professor of music and an accomplished pianist, composer, and teacher. He has been an information literacy partner with the Augustana librarians for many years. Specifically, he was critical to the foundation of Augustana’s IL program by his unwavering support for the creation of a credit IL course in music. He was a strong advocate of the course not only in conversations with the librarians, but with the administration and in faculty meetings. A successful IL program must have genuine faculty support to succeed. Dr. Schlosser was, at the beginning, our strongest and most vocal supporter.

Dr. Schlosser promoted the IL initiatives of the library as an essential component of Augustana’s mission by his insistence that the music IL course be mandatory for all music majors. This was, and continues to be, a strong indication to both internal and external stakeholders of how valuable he believes the music IL course to be for our curriculum.

Dr. Schlosser also promoted the success of the music IL course to other faculty which helped to bolster the development of additional IL course across many disciplines.

Dr. David Larson, 2006 Teaching Faculty Award for Support of Information Literacy Winner 2006 - Dr. Dave Larson, Biology (Entomology)

Dr. Dave “Doc” Larson is a Biology faculty member who is a strong advocate of Augustana’s information literacy initiatives. He has always placed strong emphasis on the importance of library research skills in his courses. Over the years, Doc has routinely invited librarians to guest lecture in his classes to teach students the most current approaches and strategies for effective library research.

Doc has often commented on the marked improvement he has observed in student research papers as a result of Augustana’s information literacy initiatives. The Augustana librarians are fortunate to have faculty members like Doc who place such a high value on teaching library research skills to undergraduate students.

Paula Marentette 2005 - Dr. Paula Marentette, Psychology

Dr. Marentette is a Psychology faculty member who has worked closely with Augustana Librarians for over a decade. She was one of the first to fully embrace faculty-librarian collaboration to integrate innovative and challenging library research assignments into her courses. Her recognition of the value of integrating IL initiatives into her courses has made a significant and lasting impact on many Augustana students. Dr. Marentette's courses are known by students as courses infused with high demands and library research integration. Dr. Marentette is a strong supporter of the 21 for-credit discipline-specific Information Literacy courses in Augustana’s curriculum; her advocacy has been an important component of the success of this model in this context.

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