NFB CAMPUS (National Film Board of Canada)

NFB CAMPUS is the National Film Board of Canada's streaming video service. It includes all the videos available to the general public at as well as additional films, resources, and functionalities specifically developed for educators. Access to NFB CAMPUS is available for educational use only, and is subject to the notices on their site.

An NFB account (personal profile) is not required to view NFB films. To view films:

An NFB account (personal profile) is required in order to create playlists or clips, or to use the curriculum search feature of NFB Campus. To use an existing profile, or to create a new profile:

  • Access NFB CAMPUS
  • Search for "University of Alberta"
  • Select any one of the University of Alberta entries
  • You will have the option of logging in with an existing profile or creating a new account.

National Film Board of Canada Catalogue

Access to the National Film Board of Canada's full catalogue, which also lists all NFB titles including those that aren't part of NFB's streaming service, is available here.