Code of Library Conduct

The University of Alberta Libraries is a learning environment and requires collaborative effort to maintain a culture of scholarship and open academic inquiry, respect and tolerance. Our libraries are for use of library materials and consultation with staff, and provide space for research, collaborative and interactive learning, and quiet, personal study.

  1. The University Libraries collaborates with other libraries to provide access to collections beyond the University. Access to libraries and their collections, whether at the U of A or other institutions, is considered a privilege not a right.


  2. Library users can expect equal and open access to library materials. Our clientele are asked to exercise tolerance for a broad range of inquiry on the part of other library users.


  3. Library users can expect the availability of areas conducive to the variety of study and work needs of our communities. It is expected that library users respect the noise level designations posted in library study and work spaces and modify conversation, cell phone use, and activity accordingly.


  4. It is expected that library users equitably share library study and work facilities.


  5. Food and beverages may be consumed in the library. To minimize distraction to other library users and damage to library materials, please consume food in a responsible manner and dispose of trash in the waste and recycling containers provided.


  6. Library computer equipment is provided for the pursuit of scholarly learning and research, and to enable discovery of and access to information resources. Library users are expected to respect the University of Alberta CCID Conditions of Use policy when using computers in the library.


  7. The library’s electronic/digital collections are provided under license agreements that determine conditions of use and compliance with intellectual property laws. Library users are expected to use these resources with proper respect for Canadian copyright law and stated conditions of use.


  8. Library staff and users can expect cooperation, courtesy and respect for individual rights as part of the social contract of the university community.

This Code is consistent with expectations outlined in the
Code of Student Behaviour.

January 2007