Study and Work Space in the University of Alberta Libraries

Campus libraries are places for learning. People need quiet places to learn and work as well as space for group learning and collaboration. Libraries are also centres for teaching, where library staff instruct individuals and groups in the use of information resources and materials. To create an environment that serves each of these needs we have divided library areas, where possible, into three distinct types:

  • Common Areas - Usually busy with high traffic levels. These areas are intended as group study areas and / or instructional areas and include library service desk areas. Here, conversational noise is to be expected.


  • Quiet Areas - Intended to serve as quiet space for readers and students. In these areas only low-level talking is permitted.  


  • Silent Areas - Intended to serve as silent, individual study space for readers and students who need to concentrate. No talking is permitted.

Please consult the Study Area Directory for designated areas. Each campus library also has a study area directory and signage indicating designated areas.

Book Study Space

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices:
Please turn off the ringer or volume on cell phones and other electronic devices when you enter the library. Please use cell phones only outside of study and work areas, in locations such as library foyers. Laptop computers are welcome in all study areas.

In consideration of other library users, we ask that you respect these library study area designations and noise level expectations, and modify your level of conversation and activity accordingly.

Food and beverages:
May be consumed in the library in a responsible manner. Please dispose of trash in the waste and recycling containers provided. For more information, see the Library Code of Conduct.

Thank You.