Campus Computing ID / Temporary Network ID

Security is a top priority for the campus information technology community. To ensure the security of our networked services, the University of Alberta Libraries requires authentication for the use of all public workstations.

What does this mean in practice? Through the public workstations, patrons can search and navigate the Libraries’ website and catalogue without authenticating.  However, when you leave the Libraries’ domain to access databases, ejournals or other Internet resources, you are required to authenticate with a Campus Computing ID (CCID) or Temporary Network ID.  It will be important that you remember to close the browser and logout when you are done to prevent your ID being used by the next person who uses the workstation.

Campus Computing IDs and Temporary Network IDs are issued to the University’s faculty, staff and students by AICT.  For more information about Campus Computing/Network IDs, visit:

Acceptable photo identification:

  • Current UA staff or student ONEcards
  • Current NEOS staff cards with photo or student library cards with photo
  • Valid driver’s license from any country
  • Current passport from any country
  • Current government issued photo identification from any province or country
  • High school, college or university student identification

Examples that are not acceptable:

  • Fitness or sports club memberships
  • Workplace identification
  • Association or trade union identification

2.    Validation of Your Current Canadian Address

The following are acceptable:

  • Current UA staff or student ONEcards
  • Current NEOS staff cards with photo or student library cards with photo (NEOS staff with cards that do not include a photo must provide photo identification as outlined above in addition to their NEOS Library Card)
  • Valid Canadian driver’s license
  • Letter of confirmation from a local hotel or University residence
  • Letter of introduction from a University of Alberta department
  • Credit card or utility bill issued in the last three months
  • Bank statement issued in the last three months
  • Current automobile or home insurance policy
  • Current vehicle registration
  • Current Government ID from any Canadian province/territory
  • Provincial Education student record

Examples that are not acceptable:

  • Addresses not written in Roman letters
  • Bills or bank statements issued more than three months ago
  • Passports