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The site also links to Funding Opportunites for all sectors of the arts and cultural industry.

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  • Radio Marketing Bureau, Inc.

    Select Research to view brief audience profiles, radio research studies (listening habits, advertising, brand awareness), research links (other sites related to radio marketing) and case studies (brief overviews of successful advertising campaigns).

    PPM Bulletins (Planning & Buying, Portable People Meter) - reach overviews for the Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver markets.

    Arts and Cultural Industries... Broadcasting...
  • Resources on the Arts (Hill Strategies Research Inc.)

    Research on arts and culture in Canada.

    • Statistical Insights on the Arts:
      • funded by the Ontario Arts Council, the Canada Council for the Arts and the Department of Canadian Heritage, the series "aims to provide reliable, recent and insightful data on the state of the arts in Canada"."
      • Topics include volunteers and donors in arts and culture organizations, the arts and individual well-being in Canada, factors in Canadian's arts attendance, profiles of people who participate in the arts, culture & heritage activities and consumer spending on culture and arts.
    • Arts Research Monitor:
      • "a summary of research findings from various sources". Topics covered include cultural & arts participation and the Canadian index of wellbeing
    • Presentations:
      • the arts scene/cultural climate in a number of provinces, factors in Canadians' attendance and marketing insights.
    • Other Publications:
      • custom research reports including a financial and statistical analysis of 50 Canadian orchestras:2004-05 to 2010-11, municipal cultural investment in five large Canadian cities (including Calgary), arts/music education in schools ... . Note: not all reports are available in full-text.

    Arts and Cultural Industries...
  • Sound Recording and Music Publishing (Statistics Canada)

    "An overview of trends in the sound recording and music publishing industry. ... The tables focus on financial and operating data."

    Arts and Cultural Industries...
  • Specialized Design Services (Statistics Canada)

    2006 - .

    An "overview of trends in the specialized design services industry. ... The tables focus on financial and operating data."

    Arts and Cultural Industries... Clothing, Accessories, and Textile Industries... Printing and Publishing... Consulting...
  • Spectator Sports, Event Promoters, Artists and Related Industries (Statistics Canada)

    2006- .

    Brief sector highlights and summary financial & operating data.

    Arts and Cultural Industries... Sports...
  • Teaching and Practice of Entrepreneurship within Canadian Higher Education Institutions (Industry Canada)

    Published in December 2010, "this report investigates how entrepreneurship is supported and delivered within Canadian Higher Education Institutions".

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  • Telefilm Canada

    Items of interest: Funds and Programs - funding programs, Coproductions - coproduction guidelines and agreements and Telefilm - consultations, studies and investment reports (April 2001- ).

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  • TVBasics

    Location: Winspear Business Reference Library
    Online: 1962/93- ; Print: HF 6146 T42 T85

    Television advertising statistics. Published annually.

    Arts and Cultural Industries... Broadcasting...