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  • Alberta Energy (Government of Alberta)

    Select Our Business to view information on:

    • bioenergy
    • coal
    • electricity
    • environment and resource services (water use)
    • energy processing (upgrading, refining, petrochemicals)
    • minerals
    • natural gas
    • oil
    • oil sands
    • tenure (administration of all conventional petroleum and natural gas rights in Alberta).

    Most energy sectors include links to news stories, publications & maps, royalty information, legislation, guidelines & policies, forms & reports and links to related associations and government departments.

    Chemicals... Electric Power... Energy... Environment Industry and Environmental Issues... Metals and Mining... Oil and Gas...
  • Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)

    Data & Publications

    • Activity & Data
      • "access to oil, gas, oil sands, coalbed methane (CBM), and shale gas data", including daily activity lists (drilling activity, facility approvals, pipeline approvals and dispositions, pipeline construction, confidential well lists and well licences).
    • Data Integrity Program
      • "aimed at improving the accuracy of collected data and ensuring the continued integrity of the AER’s data processes".
      • links to information on complete project initiatives, including BSHIP (Improvements in Well Location Data Management) and Well & Licence Status Alignment.
    • Reports - all statistical reports, including
      • well licences issued
      • data on the supply & disposition and prices for butane, ethane, gas, NGL, oil, propane and sulphur - Alberta Energy Resources Industries Monthly Statistics
      • "volumetric data for gas plant and gas gathering system activities such as receipts, dispositions, and processes" - Alberta Gas Plant/Gas Gathering System Statistics
      • well lists
      • mineable oil sands plant statistics (productions, supplies, dispositions, and inventory of oil sands and processing products)
      • operating and abandoned coal mines
      • drilling activity
      • gas process plants (location & names, plant operator, facility licence & design capacities, licenced sulphur recovery efficienty and maximum daily emission rates
      • upstream oil and gas regulatory performance - Field Surveillance & Operations Branch Provincial Summary
      • upstream petroleum industry flaring & venting
      • pipeline approval & disposition, and construction notification
      • facility approvals and facility list (batteries, gas plants, meter stations ...)
      • Energy reserves and supply/demand outlook
      • sulphur recovery & sulphur emissions at Alberta sour gas plants
      • codes for fields & pools and registered licensees & agents
      • approved oilfield waste management facilities
      • enforcement action summaries
      • fuel gas efficiency in the upstream gas & conventional oil industry.
    • Publications
      • manuals, technical reports, investigation reports and maps (table of formations, zones available for shale gas fluids) & map viewers (abandoned wells, coal mines, scheme approval areas, well spacing, base of groundwater protection query tool and disposition spacial processing tool)
    • Orders
      • "AER orders are legal documents that formally order a specific action or prohibition, including facility closures or abandonments"


    Applications & Notices

    • notices about applications, hearings, and other related oil and gas matters
    • decisions reached on applications submitted to the AER (Publication of Decision)
    • hearings & proceedings

    Abandonment & Reclamation

    • liability management
      • orphan levy
      • programs, processes, and related documents - information on the licensee liability rating (LLR) program, large facility liability management program, site-specific liability assessments (SLA) and oilfield waste liability (OWL) programs (Directives 011 and 001 cover liability costs).
      • mine financial security program (MFSP) - "The MFSP collects financial security from the oil sands and coal industry in an effort to protect the public from paying for end-of-life project closure costs."
      • Frequently asked questions

    Rules & Directives

    • "the acts, regulations, directives and letters that govern the energy industry under the jurisdiction of the AER" by topic.
    • AER's manuals and bulletins.

    Energy... Environment Industry and Environmental Issues... Oil and Gas...
  • Alberta Industries (Alberta, Canada. Government of Alberta)

    The site provides "sector specific information" on the following industries:

    • Aerospace & defence
    • Agri-food
    • Building products and technologies
    • Engineering & construction
    • Environmental products & services
    • Financial services
    • Industrial manufacturing
    • Information and communication technologies
    • Life sciences
    • Metal manufacturing
    • Oil & gas
    • Refining, petrochemicals and biochemicals
    • Tourism
    • Transportation and international logistics

    Information varies by industry. Links to relevant policies & regulations, industry stakeholders and related associations/researchers are included for most industries.

    Aerospace... Agriculture... Banking and Finance... Construction... Consulting (Managerial and Engineering)... Energy... Environment Industry and Environmental Issues... Health Care... Information Technology... Manufacturing... Metals and Mining... Oil and Gas... Pharmaceuticals... Tourism and Hospitality...
  • Alberta Oil Sands Industry Quarterly Update (Government of Alberta)


    "information on the projects and related activities occurring in the oil sands, including government and industry updates and detailed project listings." Scroll through the list of publications to locate the document.

    Energy... Oil and Gas...
  • Canada's Gas Plant Directory

    Location: Cameron Science and Technology Library REF
    HD 9581 C23 A3 A334 2005 -.

    A directory of gas plants by operator and province. Each entry includes ownership information, date and cost when built, recent modifications, processes used, products and maximum design capacity, approved sulphur emissions and maintenance contractor.

    The publication also includes a plant names index, a plant operator name changes index, a plant volume index, as well as maps of plant locations in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

    Alternative title: Canada Gas Plant Directory.

    Energy... Oil and Gas...
  • Canada's Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Environment Canada)

    Links to information on Canada's GHG inventory (1990- ) of "human-induced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from sources (e.g., fuel combustion, industrial processes) and removals by sinks (e.g., growing trees)" at the national, provincial and sectoral level.

    Select Facility GHG Reporting to locate emissions data by facility (2004- ). Includes a searchable database (gas, facility, location, industry).

    Agriculture... Energy... Environment Industry and Environmental Issues... Manufacturing... Oil and Gas... Transportation...
  • Canada-Alberta Oil Sands Environmental Monitoring Information Portal (Government of Canada, Alberta Government)

    Links to information related to the Joint Canada-Alberta Implementation Plan for Oil Sands Monitoring (2012). Energy... Environment Industry and Environmental Issues... Oil and Gas...

  • Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC)

    Select Statistics to view

    • Rig Counts - weekly Western Canada drilling rig count (2002- ), average monthly drilling rig count - Western Canada (1990- ), weekly Western Canada service rig count (2002- ), average monthly service rig count (1990- ) and annual drilling rig operating days/depth summary (1991- ).
    • Well Counts - annual well completions (Western Canada, 1993- ), monthly well completions (Western Canada, 1983- ) and annual well completions by province (1983- ).
    • Safety Statistics - latest 12 months. Injury analysis for land-based drilling, service rigs and the Atlantic Division.

    Other links include About Industry (Canadian oil and gas associations, an oilfield glossary), Forecast (well counts - Western Canada) and Wages (current wage schedules).

    Energy... Oil and Gas...
  • Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP)

    Library & Statistics:

    • Statistics - Statistical Handbook - current and historical information on demand/consumption, expenditures/revenues, imports/exports, crown land sales, drilling, average prices of crude oil and natural gas by province, production, refining and reserves. Includes downloadable statistical tables and the ability to create custom spreadsheets.
    • Publications - crude oil forecasts, oil sands (air emissions, environment, bitumen royalty value methodology, water use), health & safety, industry operations (best management practices, labour standards) and policy & regulations (emissions).
    • Presentations & Speeches - outlooks for the oil, natural gas and oil sands sectors.
    • FAQ and a Glossary
    • Related Links - industry and professional organizations.

    Canada's Industry: publications and information related to the oil, oil sands and natural gas industries

    Energy... Oil and Gas...
  • Canadian Energy Pipeline Association

    The association represents Canada's transmission pipeline companies. Includes links to statistics, industry viewpoints (aboriginal relations, environment, health and safety), publications, presentations and a detailed list of related links.

    Oil and Gas...
  • Canadian Energy Research Institute - CERI

    CERI, founded in 1975, is "independent, non-profit research institute committed to excellence in the analysis of energy economics and related environmental policy issues in the producing, transportation, and consuming sectors."

    Publications include:

    Electric Power... Energy... Oil and Gas... Transportation...
  • Canadian Energy Survey (PriceWaterhouseCoopers)

    Online: Last 7 years; Print: HF 5686 P3 O392 - latest edition in Winspear, others in Rutherford

    The survey includes a summary of the financial and operating information of income trusts and the top 100 Canadian public oil and gas companies. Also includes an industry outlook.

    Links to the full survey reports are located at the bottom of the summary page for each year.

    Previous title: Canadian Oil & Gas Survey.

    Electric Power... Energy... Oil and Gas...
  • Canadian Gas Association (CGA)

    Links to market updates, gas stats, the association's semi-annual magazine Canadian Natural Gas (latest issue), as well as news releases, policy papers and submissions to government and industry organizations.

    Energy... Oil and Gas...
  • Canadian Industrial Outlook. ... (Conference Board of Canada)

    The Conference Board of Canada publishes a number of industry specific industry outlooks. The publications include "detailed five-year forecasts in 16 key Canadian industries. The reports examine the short- and medium-term economic and profitability outlooks for these industries."

    Industries include:

    • accommodation
    • aerospace
    • air transportation
    • product manufacturing (wood, computers, electronics)
    • computer and electronic product manufacturing
    • food manufacturing
    • food services
    • gas extraction
    • oil and gas
    • motor vehicle manufacturing
    • motor vehicle parts manufacturing
    • non-residential construction
    • oil extraction
    • paper products
    • residential construction
    • telecommunications
    • wood products

    All reports are available electronically through the database E-Library. Access to this database is restricted to members of the University of Alberta community.

    Aerospace... Airlines... Automobiles and Automotive Parts and Equipment... Computers and Computer Software... Construction... Energy... Food... Forestry and Forestry Products... Oil and Gas... Pulp and Paper... Telecommunications... Tourism and Hospitality... Transportation...
  • Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance (CNGVA)

    The site links to an industry overview, publications related to a roadmap for natural gas for transportation deployment (2010) and links to a number of industry and government websites.

    Environment Industry and Environmental Issues... Oil and Gas... Transportation...
  • Canadian Oil Register

    Location: Winspear Business Reference Library
    Location: Cameron Science and Technology Library
    TN 867 C22

    Information on officers and key personnel, date of incorporation for oil and gas producers, explorers and developers, service and supply companies, consultants and consulting service, petrochemical producers, refiners, processors, marketers and plant operators, transportation and oilfield construction companies, and data processors. Also includes: government departments, associations and clubs engineers, pipeline contractors, designers, construction & fabricators, geophysical data brokers, contractors, lease brokers and land agents, oil well drilling contractors and oil well servicing, pipeline companies and power distribution.

    Note: Cameron Science & Technology Library - latest edition in Cameron Science & Technology Library REF.

    Oil and Gas...
  • Canadian Oilfield Service and Supply Directory (COSSD)

    Search by keyword, name and/or location. Oil and Gas...
  • Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources - CSUR

    Links to a directory of members (Our Members), news stories and Resources (news, CSUR presentations, new technologies).

    Energy... Oil and Gas...
  • Country Analysis Briefs: Canada (Energy Information Administration - U.S.)

    An overview of the energy situation in Canada, produced by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), a statistical agency of the U.S. Department of Energy. The document also includes economic and environmental overviews.

    Electric Power... Energy... Environment Industry and Environmental Issues... Oil and Gas...
  • (Crude Quality Inc.)

    Information on Western Canadian crudes. Includes detailed monthly data on samples of all Western Canadian heavy crude streams, tools related to crude blending & crude comparisons and a Canadian crude quick reference guide (Tools).

    Energy... Oil and Gas...
  • Current and Future State of Oil and Gas Pipelines and Refining Capacity in Canada (Standing Committee on Natural Resources. Parliament of Canada)

    May 2012

    The document includes an overview of North America's oil and gas pipeline networks and Canadian refineries and refining capacity. Emerging market trends for crude oil, refined petroleum products and natural gas are also discussed.

    Energy... Oil and Gas...
  • Directory of Directories (Alberta, Canada. Government of Alberta)

    A list of Alberta-based industry associations. Each entry includes a link to the association's website, when available, and details on how to obtain the association's directory.

    Aerospace... Agriculture... Clothing, Accessories, and Textile Industries... Construction... Consulting (Managerial and Engineering)... Energy... Environment Industry and Environmental Issues... Forestry and Forestry Products... Oil and Gas... Plastics and Rubber Industries...
  • Doing Business In Alberta (Price Waterhouse Coopers)

    Summer, 2009 -

    Reports released three times per year. These are general reports on how Alberta companies can improve operations, develop proper strategy, how to better help the environment, etc.

    Banking and Finance... Computers and Computer Software... Construction... Consumer Goods... Energy... Forestry and Forestry Products... Health Care... Oil and Gas... Real Estate... Retail... Services... Telecommunications... Transportation...
  • Energy Reports (National Energy Board)

    The site includes links to outlooks "for the Canadian supply of all energy commodities including oil, natural gas, NGLs, and electricity, and the demand for Canadian energy commodities in both the domestic and export markets".

    Electricity - trends & issues (Coal-Fired Power Generation - 2008, Emerging Technologies in Electricity Generation, Energy Market Assessment - March 2006), regulation of international electricity trade.

    Energy Futures - Canada's Energy Future: Energy Supply and Demand Projections to 2035Energy Futures Backgrounder: Addendum to Canada's Energy Future: Energy Supply and Demand Projections to 2035 (June 2012).

    Energy Outlooks - Seasonal, latest 2 editions.

    Energy Overview - Canadian Energy Overview (2006- ) - an annual review of the past year's energy markets.

    Natural Gas - annual outlook for Canadian gas deliverability (expected capability of Canadian gas production), energy market assessments (liquified natural gas) and energy briefing notes (A Primer for Understanding Canadian Shale Gas - Oct. 2009, Natural Gas Supply Costs in Western Canada in 2007, Overview and Economics of the Horseshoe Canyon Coalbed Methane Development-2007.

    Natural Gas Liquids


    Oil Sands - Canada's Oil Sands - Opportunities and Challenges to 2015. An Update (June 2006) plus both earlier editions (2004, 2000). All editions are available in print form (TN 870.54 C26 - Cameron).

    Transportation - Canadian Pipeline Transportation System - Transportation Assessment (2008- ), Canadian Hydrocarbon Transportation System: Transportation Assessment (2005-2007), annual.

    Electric Power... Energy... Oil and Gas...
  • Energy Resources (Natural Resources Canada - NRCan)

    Energy Reports and Publications (Energy Publications) - Energy Markets Fact Book, publications on energy efficiency, technology research, carbon capture and storage (CCS) factsheets, fact sheets for various energy products (oil sands, natural gas, uranium, electricity, crude oil, shale oil)

    Petroleum Products and Crude Oil Prices

    • gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, propane - average weekly consumer prices by city and year. Starts dates vary - gas and propane, 1987- , diesel, 1986- , furnace oil, 2006- .
    • crude oil prices - selected prices, daily [April 2008- ], monthly average [2008- ] and par crude postings at Edmonton, daily [2008- ], monthly average [2008- ].
    • gasoline market reports - bi-weekly (July 2006- ) editions of Fuel Focus. The publication reviews the Canadian gasoline market and the economic drivers that influence prices.
    • fact sheets - includes information on fuel taxes.

    Natural Gas Division

    • annual review and outlook
    • monthly market update - prices & key factors affecting price [2008- ], historical data, 1999- .
    • short-term price and market outlook.
    • liquefied natural gas (LGN) - overview, status of proposed Canadian LGN import projects and regulatory requirements.

    The site also includes links to federal funding, grants & incentive programs, background information on the petroleum products & crude oil markets and infrastructure, the offshore oil & gas industry, uranium/nuclear energy, electricity and coal.

    Energy... Oil and Gas...
  • Facts and Figures: Mining in Canada (The Mining Association of Canada)

    Online: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

    Statistics for production of minerals, employment, international trade, transport, exploration, oil sands; annual.

    Older print editions available in BARD and SciTech .

    Energy... Metals and Mining... Oil and Gas...
  • Financial and Taxation Statistics for Enterprises (Statistics Canada)

    Location: HSS Rutherford Library North REF
    Online: 1999 -; Print: HG 4090 A332 (1995-1998) BARD;

    Assets, liabilities, equity, operating revenues and expenses, operating profits, gains, losses, net profit, financial performance ratios by industry. Annual figures for the most recent 5 years for which taxation data is available.

    1999- also available through Government of Canada Publications - select Browse Issue Records.

    Agriculture... Airlines... Automobiles and Automotive Parts and Equipment... Beverages... Chemicals... Clothing, Accessories, and Textile Industries... Construction... Consumer Goods... Electric Power... Electronics... Food... Forestry and Forestry Products... Furnishings... Machinery... Manufacturing... Metals and Mining... Oil and Gas... Plastics and Rubber Industries... Services...
  • FP Survey. Mines and Energy

    Location: Winspear Business Reference Library
    Location: Cameron Science and Technology Library
    HG 5151 F49221

    A guide to natural resource companies publicly-traded in Canada.

    Note: Cameron Science and Technology Library holdings - latest edition in REF.

    Energy... Metals and Mining... Oil and Gas...
  • Gaining Ground in the Sands (Deloitte)

    Location: Winspear Business Reference Library
    Online: latest 2 years; Print: TN 860 G35 2011-

    2013, 2014

    An annual Deloitte publication that looks at "major trends and opportunities in the oil sands sector".

    Energy... Oil and Gas...
  • Going Green Tables - Select Federal and Provincial Incentives (PWC)


    The publication lists selected federal and provincial environment related incentives.

    Agriculture... Construction... Electric Power... Energy... Environment Industry and Environmental Issues... Forestry and Forestry Products... Information Technology... Manufacturing... Oil and Gas... Transportation... Restaurants...
  • Heavy Oil and Oilsands Guidebook

    Location: Winspear Business Reference Library
    Location: Cameron Science and Technology Library
    TN 870.54 A336

    Includes information on technology, investment (foreign oilsands investment transactions), supply chain, production (project/mine overviews), upgrading (brief profiles of heavy oil and bitumen upgraders), people, sustainability and a directory (related associations/organizations, producers and companies in the service & supply fields).

    Energy... Oil and Gas...
  • Human Activity and the Environment (Statistics Canada)

    2002 - .

    Each year focuses on a specific environmental issue - (2002 - air quality, 2003 - fresh water resourses, 2004 - energy in Canada, 2005 - solid waste in Canada, 2006 - transportation in Canada, 2007-2008 - climate change in Canada, 2009 - food in Canada, 2010 - freshwater supply & demand in Canada, 2011 - economy and the environment, 2012 - waste management in Canada, 2013 - measuring ecosystem goods and services in Canada.

    Agriculture... Energy... Environment Industry and Environmental Issues... Fisheries... Metals and Mining... Oil and Gas... Transportation...
  • Indian Oil and Gas Canada

    Indian Oil and Gas Canada (IOGC) is a special operating agency that is responsible for managing and regulating oil and gas resources on First Nation reserve lands across Canada.

    Website includes IOGC publications such as agency Annual Reports and IOGC at a Glance.

    Energy... Oil and Gas...
  • Mining/Materials (Natural Resources Canada)

    This site contains a wealth of information on the Canadian minerals and metals sector.

    Mining/materials resources

    • Mining/materials publications:
      Note - the publications can be accessed from a number of locations within the website. Not all of the links link to the most recent edition of the publication.
      • Minerals and materials markets - commodity reviews, Canadian mining assets information bulletin, December 2013 (Feb. 2014), an information bulletin on Canada's investment climate for mineral capital (March 2014) and Canadian reserves of selected major metals (March 2014).
      • Mineral exploration - Canadian global exploration activity, mineral exploration & deposit appraisal expenditures in Canada (2014) and a Map of the top 100 exploration and appraisal projects of 2013 (2014).
      • Mining and mineral technology - corrosivity of crude oils and tailings management.
      • Policy - mining sector performance reports and information on a csr strategy for the international extractive sector.
    • Statistics
      • Mineral production - annual (by province and territory, 1995-), monthly (2004-).
      • Mineral exploration - annual exploration & deposit appraisal expenditures (latest 4+ years), annual total mineral resource development investments by expenditure category (most recent 2 years).
      • Mineral trade - imports & exports, annual (latest 6+ years).
      • Mineral use - reported use by end-use detail. Note: the section links to Commodity Reviews.


    • Minerals and Metals Markets - links to an annual "review of developments in the minerals and metals industries". Title varies Commodity Reviews, 2012- ;Canadian Minerals Yearbook (2008-2011).
    • Canadian mineral exploration
      • Canadian global exploration activity (2010)
      • Mineral exploration, deposit appraisal and mine complex development activity in Canada, 2010 and 2011 (2013)
    • The section also includes information on the Canadian diamond industry, the green mining initiative, aboriginal mining agreements, mining policy (legislation & regulations, international agreements, sustainable development), mining taxation and extraction innovation (deep mining, emerging technology).

    Sections include:

    Publications/Reports - use this section to access the most up-to-date publications and statistics (capital investment, employment, mineral production, mineral trade).


    • Canadian Metals and Minerals Recycling Database - "a list of Canadian companies involved in metals and minerals recycling".
    • an industry framework - "a complete list of all the commodities recycled in Canada and information on the recycling of these commodities"
    • a brief overview of industry subsectors and Information about Recycling (acts, regulations and guidelines)

  • Investment & Finance: capital and repair expenditures (2007-2009).

Energy... Environment Industry and Environmental Issues... Metals and Mining... Oil and Gas...
  • National Energy Board (NEB)

    The site includes links to publications (energy reports; see separate entry), safety and environmental issues, statistics, hearings and acts & regulations.

    Statistics include:

    • crude oil - exports [1995-], production & available supply [1998-], disposition, imports & price [monthly, 1997-] and disposition of Canadian light & heavy crude oil and imports [1997-]
    • electricity - imports and exports [1997-]
    • frontier exploration [weekly, 2001-]
    • liquid petroleum gas (LPG) underground inventories in Canada [1991-]
    • natural gas - exports and imports [monthly, 1998-], includes some pricing information
    • marketable natural gas production [2000- ]
    • natural gas liquids:
      propane and butanes - exports [1992-], exports by mode of transportation [2001-], product disposition [1990-]
    • energy conversion tables.

    Electric Power... Energy... Environment Industry and Environmental Issues... Oil and Gas...
  • Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN) Homepage

    Topics covered include: Earth Sciences, Energy [Sources] (see separate entry), Environment, Explosives, Forests, Mapping, Minerals, Metals & Mining, Natural Hazards, Science & Technology and Transportation (fuel and energy efficiency guides).

    Each topic area links to related sections within the NRCAN website.

    Electric Power... Energy... Forestry and Forestry Products... Metals and Mining... Nuclear Energy... Oil and Gas... Transportation...
  • Northern Petroleum Resources (Aboriginal and Northern Development Canada)

    The website includes the Northern Oil and Gas Annual Report, 1992- (including data on production, licenses, revenues and royalties), rights management, acts & legislation, maps (distribution and call maps) and a list of oil and gas industry links.

    Oil and Gas...
  • Oil & Gas Directory (

    Searchable by company name, location, category or product.

    Energy... Oil and Gas...
  • Oil and Gas Center (Ernst & Young)

    This Ernst & Young industry website for oil and gas provides several reports including Renewable Energy in Canada & East Coast Offshore. Renewable Energy in Canada discusses how support for renewable energy policy development across the country has rebounded and increased. There is also discussion about BC's cleantech industry, challenges and opportunities in the industry, and perspectives on key issues in renewable energy.

    Energy... Oil and Gas...
  • Oil and Gas Industry (Industry Canada)

    Site includes links to Company Directories, Oil and Gas Services Sector Profile, Government Initiatives (Business Resources, and Canadian oil and gas research centres (Government Initiatives).

    Consulting (Managerial and Engineering)... Energy... Manufacturing... Oil and Gas... Transportation...
  • Oil Sands Developers Group (OSDG)

    "The Oil Sands Developers Group (OSDG) is an industry association representing companies actively engaged in the development of Canada's Athabasca oil sands region." Quick Links links to annual (2008- ) forecasts and survey results, OSDG presentations and reports.

    The site links to a list of oil sands projects, an interactive oil sands map and brief overviews of oil sands related topics (regulation, extraction methods, environment, socio-economic and technology).

    Energy... Oil and Gas...
  • Oil Sands Information Portal (Government of Alberta)

    The Oil Sands Information Portal provides updates on the environmental impacts (specifically Air, Water, Land, Climate Change, Wildlife, & Conservation) as a result of oil sands development in Alberta.

    The Interactive Map function details oil sands operations, location of regional monitoring stations, & helps users visualize surface mining disturbances & reclamation. Results provide details on air & water quality, water use, green house gas emissions & amount of land disturbed due to oil sands development.

    The Data Library helps users understand trends, review such information as reports, static images, links, graphs, & tables as well as historical data sets.

    Energy... Environment Industry and Environmental Issues... Oil and Gas...
  • OilSands (The Pembina Institute)

    Publications related to the economic and environmental aspects of the oil sands, including Booms, busts and bitumen. The economic implications of Canadian oilsands development (2013), Beneath the surface: a review of key facts in the oilsands debate (2013), In the Shadow of the Boom. How oilsands development is reshaping Canada’s economy (May 2012) and Solving the puzzle: environmental responsibility in oilsands development (Apr. 2011).

    Energy... Environment Industry and Environmental Issues... Oil and Gas...
  • Oilweek Magazine

    Location: Cameron Science and Technology Library
    TN 860 O395

    Includes an annual list of the top 100 oil and gas producers.

    Energy... Oil and Gas...
  • Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC)

    "The Petroleum Services Association of Canada is the national trade association representing the service, supply and manufacturing sectors within the upstream petroleum industry."

    Select Industry Info to view industry overviews, a mud list (toxicological data on specific mud additives used in the Province of Alberta by the oil and gas industry), an extensive list of industry associations & government bodies and statistics (data sources for prices & production, well & rig counts and pipelines).

    The site also links to a member directory and career resources (a job board and occupational profiles).

    Energy... Oil and Gas...
  • Profiles of Alberta Industries (Alberta. Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour)

    Published in 2014, each profile contains information on the business environment (employment/unemployment, industry growth, facts, trends & outlook, company size), a human resources profile (age & gender, wages) and links to industry associations.

    Note: Some sectors are quite broad.

    Agriculture... Arts and Cultural Industries... Banking and Finance... Construction... Education, Training, and New Media Industries... Forestry and Forestry Products... Health Care... Information Technology... Insurance... Manufacturing... Metals and Mining... Oil and Gas... Printing and Publishing... Real Estate... Retail... Services... Tourism and Hospitality... Transportation... Restaurants...
  • PWC Energy Visions

    PWC publishes several reports about the energy sector in Alberta: PWC Energy Visions 2010: Alberta's Oil Sands: Then, Now, Next, Oil Sands: Policy Drivers Influencing the "Alberta Advantage", & Energy Visions 2011: Shifting Landscapes which outlines the impact of technology on the oil & gas sector in Alberta. Energy... Oil and Gas...
  • Report 2013B: Pipeline Performance in Alberta, 1990-2012 (Alberta Energy Regulator - AER)

    August 2013

    An "analysis of pipeline data for Alberta on amounts and types, incident statistics, and incident rates."

    Energy... Environment Industry and Environmental Issues... Oil and Gas...
  • Science, Technology and Innovation Council (STIC)

    Created in October 2007, the council produces "regular national reports benchmarking Canada's science and technology performance against international standards". Select Publications to access the State of the Nation reports (2008, 2010) and an Innovation Roadmap.

    Energy... Forestry and Forestry Products... Manufacturing... Oil and Gas... Transportation...
  • Supply and Disposition of Refined Petroleum Products (Statistics Canada)

    1999 - .

    Data on domestic sales by province, and supply and disposition (refinery production, inter-provincial transfers, imports, exports, inventories, etc) by region and product.

    Earlier title: Refined Petroleum Products (1999-2004)

    Energy... Oil and Gas...
  • Supply Chain Management Association

    Select News to view the latest 1+ years of the association's newsletter (SCMA Voice).

    Aerospace... Agriculture... Airlines... Automobiles and Automotive Parts and Equipment... Beverages... Biotechnology... Chemicals... Clothing, Accessories, and Textile Industries... Computers and Computer Software... Construction... Consumer Goods... E-Commerce... Fisheries... Food... Footwear... Forestry and Forestry Products... Furnishings... Machinery... Manufacturing... Metals and Mining... Oil and Gas... Packaging... Pharmaceuticals... Plastics and Rubber Industries... Printing and Publishing... Pulp and Paper... Retail... Services... Transportation... Restaurants...
  • TD Economics Canada

    This site provides select current special industry reports and observations. Reports are changed on a regular basis. Look under Special Reports/Observations, then look under Industry/Commodities. Click on More Industry/Commodities to view more reports.

    Agriculture... Automobiles and Automotive Parts and Equipment... Construction... Energy... Forestry and Forestry Products... Oil and Gas... Real Estate...
  • Unconventional Resource Guidebook + Directory

    Location: Winspear Business Reference Library
    Print: TN 882 C2 U53 2012

    A directory of companies, industry associations and government agencies involved in Canada's unconventional oil & gas industry.

    Energy... Oil and Gas...
  • Western Canada Oil & Gas benchmarking report: Juniors and intermediates (PWC - 2012)

    Covers operations, supply chain management, finance, risk & controls, human resources and information technology.

    Companies surveyed were split roughly equally "between juniors, with daily production in excess of 2,000 BOE/d, and intermediates that went from 10,000 to 90,000 BOE/d. Emerging juniors were not included."

    Energy... Oil and Gas...
  • Worldwide Petroleum Industry Outlook

    Location: Winspear Business Reference Library
    HD 9561 O56

    Energy... Oil and Gas...