Collections Budget Updates

The UAlberta Library is committed to keeping our campus community and colleagues updated on changes to the collections budget in light of the 2019 post-secondary funding changes from the provincial government, as well as the impact this will have on the resources to which we provide access.

In this initial year of reductions the Collection Strategies Unit (CSU) is prioritizing changes that will permit the greatest retention of unique material so as to minimize impact.

The following measures have therefore been implemented to help us manage the collections budget in the longer term:

  • eliminating duplication of print books whenever possible, either against e-books or multiple copies of print. The Library has been e-preferred since 2013. We will follow current Guidelines to determine cases where exceptions will be permitted. The exception to this change is books that are part of the textbook lending program.
  • eliminating duplication of print journals whenever possible, either against e-journals or multiple copies of print across unit libraries.
  • restricting new subscriptions
  • forgoing any large one-time purchases (eg. digital archives)

None of these measures are absolute as there are always specific circumstances to consider, but these points will guide our general direction going forward into the current year-end.

You can expect to hear more about changes to the collection here in the upcoming months. As reductions continue, consultation with faculty may be undertaken to inform more difficult decisions.

Thank you for your understanding. Questions can be sent to