Collection Development Policy, University Of Alberta Libraries

September, 2014

The University of Alberta Libraries exist primarily to support the University's teaching and research functions, and to provide information resources for the University community as well as the general public. As the repository of one of the major Canadian research collections, the Libraries also serve the needs of regional, national and international communities. The University of Alberta Libraries acquires materials appropriate for both current and future research or teaching needs at the University of Alberta. We will consider acquiring information in any format needed to support the University's academic programs, with preference for electronic formats. We endeavour to acquire quality materials that are appropriate in meeting the needs of the wide range of subject areas taught and researched at the University of Alberta. We also endeavour to preserve the materials we acquire, in order to meet the needs of future researchers.

Collection management at the University of Alberta Libraries is the responsibility of professional librarians. Librarians take an evidence-based approach to assessing the collection, and consult with faculty, students, and other users regarding their collection needs. We also participate in a wide range of cooperative resource-sharing activities in order to extend the breadth and depth of our collections.To contact the librarian responsible for collections in your subject area, please visit our Librarians Subject page.

The University of Alberta Libraries subscribes to the professional codes and standards adopted by the Canadian Federation of Library Associations, including the Statement on Intellectual Freedom and Libraries.

The University of Alberta Libraries are also committed to the principles of open access, as outlined in the IFLA Statement on Open Access to Scholarly Literature and Research Documentation. In addition to collecting and making available open access materials, we are committed to furthering knowledge through online open access journal hosting, digital repository and research data management services. The Libraries are also engaged in ongoing digitization and digital preservation projects aimed at ensuring open access to historical material for current and future generations of students and researchers (see: Digital Initiatives, Journal Hosting).

The following policies describe and define specific collections and collections-related activities within the University of Alberta Libraries. Each of these policies adheres to the guiding principles of this overarching Collection Development Policy.