HT Coutts Library Advisory Committee

1. Terms of Reference

The Herbert T Coutts Library Advisory Committee fosters the cooperative planning and development that has made the Herbert T Coutts Library among the best in its field in Canada. Committee members develop and facilitate appropriate communication and collaboration between the Library and the Faculty in the following areas:

1.1 The acquisition of accessible collections for the University of Alberta Libraries.

1.2 Changes in the Faculty of Education curriculum and programs that affect collections, programs, policies and services in the University of Alberta Libraries (or that put special pressures on the collection or call for special policies and procedures).

1.3 Changes in the Library and in scholarly publishing that call for special policies and procedures and may require advocacy and information sharing with faculty and students.

1.4 The development and publication of new learning approaches, programs and technologies that could affect collection development, services and management in the Herbert T Coutts Library.

1.5 Collaborative information literacy instructional programs and the development of information and digital literacy skills, including the ability for students to make critically informed decisions about the retrieval and evaluation of information sources.

1.6 Student information needs needs arising out of student practicums.

1.7 Changes in the Library system that affects teaching and research needs of the Faculty.

In addition, the Advisory Committee should:

1.8 Continuously review the collection policies

1.9 Recommend priorities for service

2.0 Provide a vehicle for ongoing communication and cooperation with Educational Technology Services

2 Composition

2.1 Statutory Members

  • 2.1.1 Head Librarian, HT Coutts Library
  • 2.1.2 Assistant Dean, IT & Computing

2.2 Appointed Members (Academic)

  • 2.2.1 One full time continuing academic staff member from each Department/School as selected by the Department Chair/School Director in coordination with the Dean's Office

2.3 Appointed Members (Student)

  • 2.3.1 One graduate student chosen in consultation with the Dean's Office
  • 2.3.2 One undergraduate student chosen in consultation with the Education Students' Association and the Dean's Office

3. Procedures

  • 3.1 The term of office of will be two years for 2.2 and one year for 2.3.
  • 3.2 The Chair will be appointed from the membership by the Dean. Usually the Chair will continue in this position until the end of his/her membership.

Updated September 13, 2012
Updated September 29, 2005 – composition updated due to Coutts Library staff changes

Approved December 13, 1991
Updated January 27, 1998