Research and Collections Resource Facility: Frequently Asked Questions

BARD Closure

When is the BARD closing?

The BARD will be closed to the public and University of Alberta community as of September 1st.

Can material be delivered to another library?

Although the BARD collections will remain accessible, items must be requested through the catalogue to be picked up at any NEOS Library. The BARD will no longer be a pickup location after August 31st.

Archives Closure

When will the Archives be closed?

The archives will be closed for the duration of the move, roughly from October 1 through the end of November 2017. Materials will not be accessible for the duration of the closure.

Can I order items before the closure?

If you require access to materials in early fall 2017 please contact the archives at for more information.

When will the Archives be open again?

Archives services will be fully restored as soon as the move is complete, which is estimated for December 2017.

Level of Service Available during Move

Can I still request items from BARD during the move?

BARD collections will continue to be accessible via requesting through the online catalogue throughout the move, but there may be delays in receiving the items at your chosen NEOS Library.

What is the typical wait time for requested items?

Please anticipate a two to three business day turnaround on requested items, if your pickup location is a University of Alberta Library; three to four business days for all other library pickup locations.

Research and Collections Resource Facility (RCRF)

When will the Research and Collections Resource Facility (RCRF) be open to the public?

As the RCRF is a high-density storage facility, the building will not be accessible on a walk-in basis to the public or the University of Alberta community. We are opening the Reading Room to the public by appointment by early December.

To access items in the depository, items must be requested through the online catalogue to be picked up at any NEOS Library. The RCRF will not be a pick-up location for loanable materials.

Will departments and university units still be able to have archival materials delivered?

Given the new physical location and close proximity of the Archives to Main Campus, the UAlberta Archives will no longer be mailing files/materials via Campus Mail Services to on-campus offices.

Access to all materials held in the new RCRF will be need to be accessed on-site by a representative of your respective faculty/department/office.

Materials will be made available for you at RCRF to scan/copy as appropriate.

This policy and practice is in place to ensure the ongoing control, integrity and security of all records of enduring value in the custody of the UA Archives.

Is there a reading room for researchers?

Yes, the RCRF will have a space available for the public to carry out archival research by appointment. The Archives Collection will have moved to the RCRF by December 2017; however, there will be limited access to the facility in general.

Do I need an appointment to access archival materials at the RCRF?

Yes, researchers need to request archival materials at least 48 hours in advance. Appointments can be made by email (

Appointments are available Tuesdays to Thursdays from 9 AM - 4 PM.

Can I request library books at the RCRF?

Library books held at the RCRF can be requested through the online catalogue to be picked up at any NEOS Library. The RCRF will not be a pickup location.

Can I use the new reading room to study?

The RCRF reading room is reserved as a research space by appointment for researchers who request access to archival materials.

Are the archives currently accepting donation material?

The archives will not be accepting donations of materials for the duration of 2017. Donations of archival material will resume being considered for acquisition in 2018.

How do I get to RCRF?

The RCRF is located on South Campus where there is a convenient stop on the LRT Line at the South Campus/Fort Edmonton Park station. From there, it is a short 2 minute walk south. This is the easiest way to travel to the RCRF.

What parking is available at RCRF?

There is no free parking available at the RCRF. If you require parking for disability, please contact us as we can arrange a parking spot for your arrival.