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What is a teaching library?

A Teaching Library provides core library services, while offering innovative instruction in information literacy and research for students, faculty and staff. A teaching library also provides opportunities for current and incoming members of the library profession and other academic disciplines.

Did you know that our Library Residency Program is the only one of its kind in Canada? Yes, it’s true!

University of Alberta Library Indigenous Internship:

2018 UAL Indigenous Internship Posting

The University of Alberta Library (UAL) Indigenous Internship provides an opportunity for First Nations, Métis or Inuit (FNMI) students to make a contribution to UAL while pursuing a Master’s degree in Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta School of Library and Information Studies.

The two year internship includes:

  • A part-time paid position in one or more of the UAL unit libraries, undertaking various duties including public service and research or project work. In the event the intern is unable to work in Edmonton, project work that can be done at a distance may be an option.
  • Tuition (full-time or part-time) paid for a student entering the Master’s degree program (in-person or online) at the University of Alberta SLIS for up to two years.

Applications usually open in February with a deadline of May 1. Applicants may apply for the internship before being accepted into the UA SLIS program, but the awarding of the internship is dependent on the student attending the UA SLIS program.

For information contact Anne Carr-Wiggin

For application timeline inquiries, contact Olenka Li.

Current Interns:

2018-19 Interns Gabrielle Lamontagne, Leigha Rind

Past Interns:

2017-18 Interns Lorisia MacLeod, Gabrielle Lamontagne, Kayla Lar-Son

  • 2016-17 Tanya Ball, Kayla Lar-Son, Lorisia MacLeod
  • 2015-16 Tanya Ball, Minnie Bearchief

Read interns’ story here.

Library Residency Program:

The UAL Academic Library Residency Program is designed to provide recent MLIS graduates with opportunities for early career development and professional work experience in an academic research library.

Established since 1999, the Residency program continues to provide recent graduates with a diverse range of opportunities to explore as new library professionals. From discovering the multitude of opportunities within academic libraries, to developing a network of mentors, colleagues and collaborators within the field, new librarians gain valuable experiences throughout their residency - in addition to pursuing opportunities for professional development and training.

As successful candidates, residents will be assigned to one of the several different units within the University of Alberta Library, and will assume a variety of assignments appropriate for an introductory appointment. In addition to their core responsibilities, residents will have the opportunity to collaborate with librarians outside of their home unit on a major project throughout their residency period.

To qualify for the residency program, applicants must:

  • Have graduated from an ALA accredited Canadian library school program within the past year
  • Commit to a one year contract appointment with the University of Alberta Library

For more information and application timeline inquiries, contact Olenka Li.

UAL’s residency program provides multiple new LIS graduates with full-time employment as a sessional librarian in a UAL unit for 1 year.

Key components of this program include:

  • assignment of a UAL mentor for the duration of the program,
  • a robust orientation and training program,
  • support for select professional development opportunities,
  • articulated residency project outside of their home unit for the year with clearly defined outcomes.

This program is designed to provide strong support and structure for new graduates as they transition from school into the workplace.

Current Residencies

  • Kate Cawthorn
  • Adam Cohen
  • Kayla Lar-Son (Indigenous)
  • Gabrielle Lamontagne (Indigenous)
  • Alissa Droog

  • 2018/2019
    • Victoria Eke
    • Mary Greenshields
    • Laura Hamonic*
    • Kayla Lar-Son* (Indigenous)
    • Julia Martyniuk
  • 2017/2018
    • Tanya Ball (Indigenous)
    • K-Lee Fraser
    • Laura Hamonic*
    • Sheila Laroque
    • Sarah Snihurowych Lynch
    • Victoria Wong
  • 2016/2017
    • Michelle Brailey*
    • Matthias Duc (from February 2017)
    • Nicole Loroff
    • Brittany McCartney (to September 30, 2016)
    • Andrea Quaiattini
  • 2015/2016
    • Michelle Brailey*
    • Doris Wagner
  • 2014/2015
    • Robin Desmeules
    • Brian Gooyers*
    • Janice Kung
    • Mengjia Zhang
  • 2013/2014
    • Maria Tan
    • Jessica Thorlakson*
  • 2012/2013
    • Nicole Dalmer
    • Camille Laforest
    • Kelly Lau
    • Carmen Reems
  • 2011/2012
    • Sean Luyk
    • Amy Paterson
    • Jorden Smith
    • Jason Wong
  • 2009/2010
    • Myah Slade*
    • Jenna Walsh*
  • 2008/2009
    • Alison Henry*
    • Joy Jaca (till December 2008)
    • Deborah Hicks
    • Mary Flynn* (Archives)
    • Mélanie St-Onge*
    • Dale Storie
  • 2007/2008
    • Alison Henry*
    • Dagmara Chojecki
    • Joy Jaca
    • Deborah Hicks*
    • Sarah Polkinghorne
  • 2006/2007
    • Trish Chatterley
    • Nancy Collins
    • Katrine Mallan
    • Sarah Mead Willis
    • Cari Merkley
    • Tanya Rogoschewsky
  • 2005/2006
    • Sonya Betz
    • Jeff Davis
    • Kristen Kruse
    • Virginia Pow
    • Weiwei Shi
  • 2004/2005
    • Annie Murray
    • Leah Vanderjagt
    • Judy Franchuk
  • 2003/2004
    • Kat Johnston
    • Liz L’Heureux Dennett
    • Angie Mandeville
    • Allison Sivak
  • 2002/2003
    • Robyn Wanner
    • Stephen Carney
    • Juliet Nielsen
    • Merinda McClure
    • Kimberley Hintz
    • Jessica Knoch
  • 2001/2002
    • Jerremie Clyde
    • Barbara Palmer
    • Kim Frail
    • Tami Oliphant
  • 2000/2001
    • Julie Arie
    • Cara Bradley
    • Angie Gerrard
    • Shelley Gullikson
    • Lindsay Johnston

*Two-Year Residency/Internships

UAlberta Library and UAlberta SLIS Partnerships

Practicum Support for LIS/LIT Programs

Every year, UAL hosts multiple practicum placements for students of many LIS and library technician programs in Alberta and across the country. If you are interested in a practicum placement at UAlberta Library, contact your practicum supervisor to arrange with us by contacting the Head of the unit or department you wish to connect with.

UAlberta Library/SLIS Collaborative Program

This is a student employment program offered in collaboration with the UAlberta School of Library and Information Studies [SLIS] and annually provides eligible SLIS students with part-time work experience in the academic library environment.

It also provides them with the opportunity to put into practice the skills and competencies being acquired in library school. Successful applicants are employed in a casual position and acquire a realistic understanding of the links between their learning and its application in the workplace.

For more information and application timeline inquiries, contact Olenka Li.