Online Resources from the University of Alberta

In addition to the Archives, online resources providing information on the university and its alumni are made available by the University of Alberta. These resources may help you find what you're looking for or may help you get a better idea of where the information you're looking for may be located.

These pages are for references purposes only and are not maintained by the University of Alberta Archives. Please consult each webpage individually for information about viewing items, citations, and reproduction.

Peel's Prairie Provinces

Peel's Prairie Provinces is a resource dedicated to assisting scholars, students, and researchers of all types in their exploration of western Canadian history and the culture of the Canadian prairies. This website contains both an online bibliography of books, pamphlets, and other materials related to the development of the Prairies, as well as a searchable full-text collection of many of these items. As of Summer 2013, after 10 years worth of additions, Peel contains approximately 7,500 digitized books, over 66,000 newspaper issues (4.8 million articles!), 16,000 postcards, and 1,000 maps. These materials are extremely varied – rich in both text and images, providing an extraordinarily diverse picture of the Prairie experience. Many of the items date back to the earliest days of exploration in the region and include a vast range of material dealing with every aspect of the settlement and development of the Canadian West. Where possible, the database includes digital copies of items that are full-text searchable.

Historical Newspapers

The University of Alberta Libraries has long been a partner in historical newspaper digitization. These digitized newspapers can be seen online as part of the Peel's Prairie Provinces. Newspapers date from 1871 to 2013 and are from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and British Columbia.

Evergreen and Gold

The Evergreen and Gold was the yearbook issued by the Student's Union of the University of Alberta from 1921-1971, with a special edition in 1984 to mark the University's 75th anniversary. Select editions are available on the Peel's Prairie Provinces site.


The Registrar's Office offers information about convocation ceremonies and graduates of the University of Alberta. Also available are recordings of Convocation ceremonies of the University.

Course Calendars

The University Calendar includes course offerings and program requirements for the University of Alberta. Historical Calendars are available through the Archives.

University of Alberta in Library and Archives Canada

Some significant documents from University of Alberta history can be found at Library and Archives Canada. Notably, these include Convocation addresses and Board of Governor's reports.

History Trails

History Trails, administered by the University of Alberta Alumni Association, details the history of the University, key University figures, and campus life.

New Trail

New Trail is the alumni magazine of the University of Alberta. It contains information on changing campus life and what U of A alumni and staff have gone on to achieve.

University of Alberta Web Archive

Hosted by the Internet Archive and accessed through the Wayback Machine, the University of Alberta Libraries has been web archiving the University website, Government of Alberta websites, websites on the history, politics, and culture of the Prairies, and more, since 2009.

University Governance

Information about current university governance, including the Board of Governors and General Faculties Council. University Governance is responsible for program changes and major decisions regarding campus life.

Collective Agreements

Questions about terms of employment may be answered in the various staff Collective Agreements, managed by Human Resource Services. Additional information about the interpretation of Collective Agreements and negotiation of agreements may be found on the Association of Academic Staff(AASUA) website and the Non-Academic Staff Association (NASA) website