The Donation of Non-University Records to the University of Alberta Archives (UAA)

I. Donation of Non-University Records

  1. On a case-by-case basis, the UAA will acquire private records of enduring archival value that are created or received by individuals, organizations, and institutions; these records may be acquired if they support the academic mandate of the University.
  2. Three-dimensional artefacts (e.g., sculptures, medals, paintings, etc.) are generally not considered as archival records. The University of Alberta’s Department of Museums and Collections Services may be contacted concerning the donation of cultural artefacts to the University.
  3. Individuals who wish to donate archival records to the UAA may contact the University Records Archivist to determine whether the records fall within the UAA’s collection mandate.
  4. In some cases, the University Records Archivist may meet with potential donors off-site to assess the suitability of the records for the UAA.
  5. Donations of archival records to the UAA are unconditional and must be approved by the Vice-Provost and Chief Librarian, or designate.
  6. Only the UAA can accept archival material on behalf of the University.
  7. Donors should advise the UAA if the material has been offered to other archival institutions.
  8. The UAA will not accept delivery of unsolicited archival records. Archival material must be formally accepted for donation by means of a signed donor agreement form prior to being accepted into the custody of the UAA.
  9. Access to archival records is governed by the signed donor agreement.

II. Appraisal of Archival Material

  1. The UAA may make arrangements for donated archival material to be appraised for fair market monetary value and tax receipt purposes.
  2. If a donor seeks an appraisal, the donor will provide UAA with a basic file listing of donated materials to be appraised. UAA staff will provide archival boxes for the materials to be placed in prior to receipt of the listed items.
  3. Through the services of an accredited appraiser of cultural property, the UAA will determine the fair market monetary value of donations of archival material by the end of January following the year of the donation.
  4. The UAA will provide donors with a letter of acknowledgement of the donation.
  5. The UAA will maintain records of all donations of archival materials.
  6. In accordance with ethical practices and professional codes of conduct, UAA staff will not accept personal gifts or, gratuities of any kind from donors wishing to donate archival records to the UAA.
  7. All donor agreements require donors to complete an Agreement for Donation of Archival Materials form. All personal information collected via the form is done in accordance with section 33 of the Alberta FOIP Act for the purpose of administering the donation of archival material, including the legal transfer of ownership of the materials to the UAA.