Function of Archival Material

The University of Alberta Archives (UAA) recognizes the importance of preserving archival material for institutional accountability, research and teaching purposes. It is the mandate of the UAA to identify, acquire, preserve and make available to researchers, the university community and the public:

  1. University records of enduring archival value created or, received in the course of the business activities of faculties, departments and units of the University that documents its corporate memory.
  2. University records of enduring archival value that supports teaching and research at the University.
  3. Non-University recorded information of enduring archival value created or received by faculty, staff or organizations or institutions affiliated to the University which enhance the corporate memory.
  4. Recorded information of enduring archival value created by individuals and institutions, the acquisition of which would support of the academic mandate of the University.
  5. The University recognizes that, as part of its accountability to Albertans and its faculty, staff and students, it is responsible for the efficient and effective management of its recorded information in all mediums, created or received by faculty or staff in the course of the performance of their duties. The also UAA recognizes its responsibility to protect personal information and to provide appropriate access to non-personal information.
  6. University records of enduring archival value will be identified, transferred to and preserved by the UAA in appropriate environmental storage facilities. University records of enduring value shall be identified as part of the University of Alberta Records Classification System (UARCS) and any authorized records schedules established by faculties, departments or units of the University.
  7. The UAA assists, wherever applicable, with the management of the University’s Records Management Program.

Professional Practices

Using best professional practices the UAA will identify, acquire, arrange, describe, preserve and make available:

  1. University records of enduring value to ensure public accountability, information authenticity, continuity of decision-making, as well as, academic, administrative and legal research.
  2. Non-University records to enhance research, teaching and the creation of new knowledge.
  3. Records and subsequent knowledge about the University including its academic and administrative mission to the University Community and the larger Alberta, Canadian and international communities.


From time to time, the UAA will issue procedures, guidelines and tariffs, as necessary, for the effective and efficient operation of the UAA.