Archival Material Reproduction Services

I. Reproduction Services and Costs at the University Archives (UAA)

The University of Alberta Archives (UAA) offers digital reproduction services of items in our holdings for all types of media, including textual, photographic, documentary art, cartographic, electronic and audiovisual records. The following criteria are observed by UAA in the copying of archival material:

  1. The UAA reserves the right to deny the reproduction of any of its holdings due to preservation concerns for a particular item. Legislation concerning personal information, copyright and individual donor restrictions may also restrict reproduction of certain items.
  2. Each original format holds unique preservation and reproduction requirements. Because information technology continually evolves, formats, policies and procedures are numerous. Researchers are encouraged to read through the policies and procedures for each medium before requesting a reproduction.
  3. Reproduction costs are based on four factors:
    • Cost of acquiring, processing, preserving archival material
    • Cost of Staff processing order
    • Desire to limit wholesale reproduction
    • Nature of reproduction required
  4. Reproduction costs are subject to change.
  5. The UAA provides in-house guidelines for digital scans based on original format. Other specifications, such as requested size of digital reproduction, can be applied upon request. Items that exceed the 22cm x 30cm maximum dimension of a desktop scanner cannot be scanned at the UAA. If circumstances warrant, the UAA may facilitate with clients the reproduction of archival material via third party vendors.
  6. All order forms must be completed in full by the client before reproduction is carried out.
  7. The UAA charges a commercial rate for commercial use. It is defined as for-profit use in nonacademic magazines, newspapers, film, television, use in offices or restaurants, and use in advertising such as program brochures, calendars, posters, place mats, post cards. It is exclusive of publications which promote the University of Alberta or, its Archives. Fees will be assessed according to the nature and scale of the venture where the UAA holds copyright. The UAA may grant clients a once-only, world-wide, non-exclusive use of the material requested.
  8. Clients may pick up orders without incurring a shipping and handling charge or, have items emailed without cost. Items that are mailed or couriered will include a shipping and handling fee.
  9. Courier fees are at the expense of the client and arrangements must be made by the client for courier service.
  10. The UAA shall charge University offices through indents. Orders will not be filled until indents are completed.
  11. GST and shipping and handling fees are not charged to University Units.
  12. GST is charged on all orders not directly affiliated to a provincial or, federal government office.
  13. Payment may be made check or, by indent in the case of a University unit.
  14. University collection procedures will be followed if invoices are not paid promptly.
  15. Regular digital service is two (2) business days from date of order.
  16. Copies are provided for research and private study purposes only. Please submit a “Request for Permission to Publish, Exhibit or Broadcast” form if you are planning to use any copy for purposes other than research and private study.
  17. Clients may request to use their own photographic or, scanning equipment but will be charged a rate of $7.00 per item digitized plus GST..
  18. Use of photographs from the University Archives in publications must be appropriately attributed with full citation to the University of Alberta Archives.

II. Citation of Archival Materials

All archival records carry a set of potentially complex unique characteristics that make their citation more difficult than published, library material. Adequate citation of archival materials requires documenting the title and date of the item, the name of the series (if appropriate) followed by the name of the fonds and its identifying number ending with the name of the institution. The Chicago Manual of Style (14th Edition) provides a thorough overview of documentation in Chapter 15. Section 15.277 concerns "manuscripts" and section 15.402 concerns "unpublished material.". For details of any specific citation, researchers should consult an archivist.

e.g. Dr. H.M. Tory to C.S. Burgess [ca. 1913], Correspondence, Acc. 1971-213-1-6, C.S. Burgess Fonds, University of Alberta Archives.

III. Copyright

Federal government copyright legislation applies to the records held in the custody of the UAA. The UAA endeavors to properly apply copyright regulations and supply researchers with copies of desired material. Researchers are responsible to fulfill all copyright obligations. Further copyright information can be obtained at the University of Alberta Learning Services Copyright Office.