Transfer of University Records

University Records

  1. All records created or received by staff of the University in accordance with the performance of their duties, are the property of the University and subject to the University Records Management Policy.
  2. The University of Alberta Archives (UAA) encourages the efficient and effective creation, receipt, organization, use and legal disposal of University records, and provides legal access to these resources.
  3. The UAA recognizes the University Records Management Policy and attendant records management program. Records management is the systematic administration of records including their creation, receipt, access (retrieval), use, classification, security, retention and disposal. The University records management program requires the implementation of:
    • records retention schedules
    • records disposal authorities
    • records keeping systems
    • vital records protection
    • records security
    • preservation of records of enduring value
  4. Within this policy-framework the UAA shall be responsible for identifying and acquiring the records of faculties, departments and units deemed to be of enduring archival value, as established in the University of Alberta Records Classification System (UARCS).
  5. All University records to be transferred to the UAA will be exercised in accordance with these procedures (see below). No records of the University shall be destroyed without due process and only in accordance with the UACRS. Records retention schedules provide established timetables for retaining records for a defined period of time in faculties, departments, units and offices. Records disposal authorities are legal authorities that approve the disposal of University records either by destruction or, by transfer to the UAA.
  6. In accordance with the UARCS the UAA will acquire University records in all mediums created or, received by University staff in the course of the business operations of the University.
  7. The UAA recognizes its responsibility to protect personal information and provide appropriate access to non-personal information in accordance with provincial access and privacy legislation.
  8. The UAA is responsible for the development and coordination of the identification and transfer of University records of enduring value to the UAA.
  9. University records that are transferred to the UAA are subject to the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Records that are transferred to the UAA fall within the custody and control of the UAA. The UAA will manage and make available, archival records in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.

Transfer of Records

Records of enduring value should be transferred to the UAA when no longer required for day-today operations. University records are transferred to the UAA in accordance with the UARCS. When transferring hard copy records to the University Archives the following steps shall be completed by transferring units:

  1. Contact the Archives by phone or email to order acid-free archival boxes and folders to house and transfer hard-copy materials to the UAA.
  2. Remove records from their current file folders and place in new acid-free file folders ordered from the UAA. Write the existing file number (if it exists), and the file title or subject on the acid-free file folder in pencil and place the files in the acid-free archival boxes.
  3. The face of the file folder is stamped with accession information (including a space for the accession number, item and box number). In pencil, please provide the item number and box number in the space provided. The UAA staff will provide an accession number when the records arrive at the University Archives and will notify the transferring office of the assigned number. Please number the files consecutively starting at #1 through to the end of the files being transferred (see example below).
  4. Make sure the boxes are not overfilled (leave about a finger width of space).
  5. Number each box (i.e., 1-12) in pencil on the upper right hand corner of the box.
  6. Develop a listing of the records in Excel for the files in each of the boxes, including outside dates for each file (template can be downloaded here).
  7. Contact the UAA by phone or email to arrange pick-up and delivery to the UAA

Digital Records

Digital records (so called "born digital" records created and maintained in a digital format, as well as scanned documents) should be transferred in accordance to the University Records Management Policy and each unit's Retention Schedules. The University of Alberta Archives in conjunction with the University of Alberta Libraries are currently in the process of developing a Digital Archiving Strategy for the acquisition and preservation of digital materials.