Use and Removal of Archival Materials for Research (Loans)

Archival materials stored at the University Archives (UAA) including, both University and non-University records are unique and authentic items. Unlike published materials archival records comprise original materials and do not exist in original format elsewhere.

The use of archival records at the UAA are subject to the following criteria:

  1. All records transferred to the UAA by faculties, departments and units in accordance with records retention schedules and disposal authorities become the property of the UAA.
  2. Once in the custody of the UAA, records must remain on the premises. Units, offices, and departments must view records on site in the UAA Reading Room.
  3. All archival records provided to researchers must be handled with care and under the general supervision of UAA staff.
  4. Archival records designated as brittle or unstable must be handled with gloves and used under guidance of UAA staff members.
  5. All archival records removed from boxes, folders or photographic sleeves must be returned in the order in which they were removed.
  6. To ensure the ongoing organization and security of archival materials, UAA staff may restrict the number of boxes retrieved for a researcher at any given time at the discretion of the Archivist.
  7. UAA staff will provide reference services for staff from the time of opening of the facility until one-half hour prior to closing of the facility, at which point records will be reshelved.
  8. Archival materials will not remain in the reading room after closure of the facility without the express permission of UAA staff.
  9. Archival records must not be removed from the premises of the UAA. Researchers may not borrow or take away materials from the UAA.
  10. Under exceptional circumstances, records may be removed from the UAA with the approval of the UAA. The reasons for removal of the records may include loans for exhibitions, conservation efforts or digitization services. Terms of the loan, including designated time of return of the material, must be established in writing.
  11. In some cases researches may not be able to attend the UAA in person to conduct research. UAA staff will facilitate research on behalf of researchers to a maximum of 45 minutes per query. Further research to be exercised must be done so at the responsibility of the researcher (i.e., a student is hired to carry out the project).
  12. Researchers may copy archival materials in accordance with the UAA Procedures for Reproduction of Archival Material and other applicable regulations, including Canadian Copyright law.