Reproduction Services

Like all reference services, archival reproduction services strive to strike a balance between access for researchers, protection of privacy and intellectual property, and physical preservation of the archival material. Based on these principles the University of Alberta Archives (UAA) offers reproduction services in both analog and digital formats in all types of media, including textual, photographic, documentary art, cartographic, electronic and audio-visual records.

The UAA reserves the right to deny the reproduction of any of its holdings due to preservation concerns for a particular item. Legislation concerning personal information, copyright and individual donor restrictions may also restrict reproduction of certain items Each original format holds unique preservation and reproduction requirements; because information technology continually evolves, formats, policies and procedures are numerous. Researchers are encouraged to read through the policies and procedures for each medium before requesting a reproduction.

Reproduction costs (subject to change) are based on four factors:

  1. Cost of acquiring, processing, preserving archival material
  2. Cost of Staff processing order
  3. Desire to limit wholesale reproduction
  4. Nature of reproduction required


Ordering Policies and Procedures

  • All order forms must be completed in full by the client before reproduction is done
  • The UAA may grant clients a once-only, world-wide, non-exclusive use of the material requested.
  • The UAA shall charge University offices through indents. Offices must supply both speed codes and chart account numbers to complete orders. Orders will not be filled until the speedcode and chart account numbers are supplied.
  • GST is not charged to University Units.
  • GST is charged on all orders not directly affiliated to a provincial or federal government office.
  • Payment may be made in cash, cheque or by indent in the case of a University unit.
  • Invoices are available to all orders of $50.00 or greater. Orders will not be filled until payment is received.
  • University collection procedures will be followed if invoices are not paid promptly.
  • Regular digital service is five (5) business days from date of order.
  • Copies are provided for research and private study purposes only. Please submit a "Request for Permission to Publish, Exhibit or Broadcast" form if you are planning to use any copy for purposes other than research and private study.
  • The use of flash is not permitted.
  • Use of photographs from the University Archives in publications must be appropriately attributed with full citation to the University of Alberta Archives.



Whether private records or university documents, all archival records carry a set of potentially complex unique characteristics that make their citation more difficult than published, library material. To capture the precise provenance details for an archival citation may require additional research. In general an archival citation progresses from the specific to the general. A full item-level citation requires a title and date of the item, the name of the series (if appropriate) followed by the name of the fonds and its identifying number ending with the name of the institution.

For example:

Dr. H.M. Tory to C.S. Burgess [ca. 1913], Correspondence, Acc#71-213-1-6, C.S. Burgess Fonds, University of Alberta Archives

The Chicago Manual of Style (14th Edition) provides a thorough overview of documentation in Chapter 15. Section 15.277 concerns "manuscripts" and section 15.402 concerns "unpublished material."

For details of any specific citation researchers should consult an archivist.


Personal Information

The Archives holds some records containing personal information subject to the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The Archives observes the privacy provisions of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Legislation. Some material may not be available for reproduction. Researchers are encouraged to consult an archivist for further information.



Researchers can download our Order Form and e-mail it to at the Archives.


Reproduction Services Policy

Textual Materials

The UAA offers conditional permission to photocopy print material, microform, and finding aids. For reasons of preservation certain formats and frail originals cannot be photocopied. The cost to have a photocopy of a single letter-sized page of text is $0.50; pages larger than legal size cost $0.75.

The Archives charges a rate of $2.00 per page for commercial use of photocopies.

A non-OCR digital reproduction of the same single page will cost $35.

OCR Text reproduction is not normally available.


Cartographic Material

The UAA holds cartographic material dating as far back as the mid-19th century in diverse formats from hand drawn fur trading maps to digital meteorological studies of Alberta hail patterns. In most cases the size of the maps requires special equipment for reproduction. Cartographic materials must be sent off site for reproduction. The time required for such reproduction procedures is approximately one month; rush orders can be completed in five days.


Architectural Material

The UAA holds hundreds of architectural drawings and paintings dating back to Henry Marshal Tory's 1909 work with the Montreal architectural firm of Nobbs and Hyde. In most cases, architectural drawings are too large to digitally reproduce at the UAA. Researchers are encouraged to consult UAA archivists to make special arrangements for reproductions of architectural plans. The time required for such reproduction procedures is approximately one month

The cost to digitally reproduce an architectural plan is $50.00 plus 5% GST* and $5.00 shipping and handling. Orders can be filled in three weeks. Rush orders cost $75.00 plus 5% GST* and $5.00 shipping and handling and can be filled in five days.

* G.S.T. is not charged to government or University of Alberta agencies.



The UAA preserves sound recordings in several formats: audio cassettes, reel to reel magnetic tapes, gramophone disks, vinyl phonograph records in two formats: 12" (30 cm) 33 rpm long-playing (LP) format and 12" (30 cm) 45 rpm extended-playing format.The Archives also houses digital sound files in DAT, mini disc, DVD, and CD formats. Although the Archives has facilities to play original audio recordings in most of these legacy formats, it does not possess in-house reproduction facilities. Audio reproduction orders must be filled off site. The average time to reproduce an audio recording is one month; rush orders can be completed in five days. All audio reproductions are done in digital format. Researchers will be required to pay vendor fees for digitization.



The UAA contains a large variety of graphic images including over 100,000 photographs. Formats include daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, postcards, stereographs, lantern slides, albumen prints, sketches, pastels and watercolours. Since 2001 the UAA no longer provides photographic print repoduction services. The Archives offers instead digital scans of photographs and other graphic material. Such digital scans can be reproduced in any given print format at most photography labs. The UAA provides in-house guidelines for digital scans based on original format. Other specifications, such as requested size of digital reproduction, can be applied upon request. Items that exceed the 22cm x 30cm maximum dimension of a desktop scanner cannot be scanned at the archives. If circumstances warrant, the archives staff may send material to other offices on campus for rerproduction. This will require approximately three weeks and an additional cost.

Digital Reproduction Specifications
Photographs Textual Material
(printed matter, music scores, line drawings, manuscripts)
Other Graphic Images
(sketches, pastels, watercolours)
B&W:pixel depth: 8-bit greyscale
Colour:pixel depth: 24-bit RBG mode.

Spatial Resolution: 600 dpi.

File Format: TIFF.
Images with a high tonal range: 8-bit Greyscale
Limited Tonal Depth: bi-tonal 1-bit/pixel

Spatial Resolution: 400 dpi

File Format: TIFF
B&W pixel depth: 8-bit greyscale
Colour pixel depth: 24-bit RBG mode.

Spatial Resolution: 600 dpi.

File Format: TIFF.
Graphic Media Reproduction Costs
Graphic Format Analog Reproduction Digital Reproduction
B&W and Colour Photographs (4x5, 5x7, 8x10), Negatives, Slides and Glass Plates Photocopy only - $0.50 per page. $1.00/page for rush orders plus 5% G.S.T.* and $5.00 shipping and handling. $20 per image [$40.00 rush order]. Plus 5% G.S.T.* and $5.00 shipping and handling.
Textual materials Photocopy only - $0.50 per page. $1.00/page for rush orders plus 5% G.S.T.* and $5.00 shipping and handling. $20.00 per image [$40.00 rush order]. Plus 5% G.S.T.* and $5.00 shipping and handling.
Other Graphic Images Photocopy only - $0.50 per page. $1.00/page for rush orders plus 5% G.S.T.* and $5.00 shipping and handling. $20.00 per item [$40.00 rush order] Plus 5% G.S.T.* and $5.00 shipping and handling.


Moving Images

The UAA holds AV material in several formats including film, Beta, VHS, and Umatic. Not all moving image holdings can be reproduced. If permission is approved for digital reproductions, off site vendors will be contracted at the researcher's expense. Orders take approximately one month to complete; rush orders can be done in five days.