HydraNorth is a large scale project to implement a comprehensive Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) using the open source Hydra framework. The first phase of this project saw the development of a local application using Sufia, an institutional repository solution built on the Hydra framework, and the migration of the University of Alberta's institutional repository ERA. Phase two of the HydraNorth project focuses on the extension of our repository infrastructure to support more complex digital objects for the future integration into the DAMS. This phase will also see the migration of simple objects from other digital collections into the repository, such as files currently hosted by the Internet Archive.

UAL currently has two active Hydra implementations:


Peter Binkley, Digital initiatives Technology Librarian


Leah Vanderjagt, Digital Repository Services Coordinator




Hydra logoThe University of Alberta Libraries are development partners with the international open source Hydra Project, and are actively contributing to the development and maintenance of the software. Other Hydra Partners include: