Reading Room Policy


The University of Alberta Archives (UAA) recognizes the importance of preserving archival material for institutional accountability, research, and teaching purposes. The RCRF Reading Room Policy ensures both consistent and reliable access to archival holdings while in balance with safe and secure management of the material.

Requesting Materials

  1. Researchers must read and sign a statement of the Researcher Rules and Regulations Form prior to receiving archival materials.
  2. Researchers must give 48 hours notice in advance of accessing archival materials including photographs and audiovisual materials (not including weekends and holidays). The standard advance notice also applies to ongoing research projects that require additional material.
  3. To ensure the ongoing organization and security of archival materials, the extent of archival material provided for researchers at any given time will be at the discretion of UAA staff.
  4. Archival materials may only be used in the supervised Reading Room. They must not be removed from the premises. Researchers may not borrow or remove the materials from the Reading Room.
  5. Researchers must notify staff when finished with materials. They must also notify staff if they plan on returning to view the materials over multiple days. Materials cannot be left in the Reading Room overnight.
  6. Researchers should return all materials to Archives staff after use. Researchers who need to leave the Reading Room for more than 15 minutes should return materials to Archives staff.
  7. Researchers should notify Archives staff if they plan on returning later in the week to further consult the materials, as they may be placed on hold.


Before entering the Reading Room, researchers must register with the Reading Room monitor.

  1. All researchers must present a valid photo identification (i.e., ONEcard, driver’s license, etc.) to UAA staff at the designated reference desk. Photo identification will be held at the desk until all materials have been returned.
  2. Researchers must read and sign a statement of the rules and regulations.

Noise Level

The Reading Room is designated as a Quiet Zone intended for researchers who require access to materials from the Archives.

Personal Property

  1. Coats, bags, briefcases, laptop cases, backpacks, binders, folders, etc. must be left in the lockers provided. The UAA is not responsible for the loss of personal items. Please exercise care to safeguard personal property (i.e., use lockers and ensure they are locked; do not store valuables; etc.).
  2. Food and beverages, including water, candies, gum, cough lozenges, etc., are not permitted in the Reading Room.
  3. Only laptops, notepads, pencils, and cameras are permitted in the Reading Room. No pens, coloured pencils, or highlighters are allowed. Any outside reference material you wish to bring should be cleared with staff upon arrival.
  4. Cell phones should be turned off or turned to silent while in the Reading Room. In consideration of other researchers and staff please do not have phone conversations in the Reading Room.
  5. Staff permission must be sought prior to taking photographs, scans, etc. of the materials. Flash photography is strictly prohibited. The Reading Room is equipped with a scanner. If photography is permitted by Archives staff, researchers are required to use their own cameras.

Using Archival Materials

  1. Archival materials are not to be marked or altered in any way.
  2. Refer to Procedures for the Care and Handling of Archival Materials for archival handling procedures.