Bridging the Research Data Divide:

Rethinking Long-term Value and Access for Historical and Contemporary Maternal, Infant, and Child Research Data

The University of Alberta Libraries (UAL) and Harvard’s Center for the History of Medicine (CHoM) are describing and exposing maternal and pediatric research records to enable their long-term discovery, access, security, and reuse. CHoM is describing special collections research studies, and UAL is describing contemporary, born digital research studies by Women and Children’s Health Research Institute (WCHRI) researchers. The project seeks to close the gap left by current research data management practices, which often overlook data’s long-term and multidisciplinary reuse potential. CHoM and UAL will create metadata for research data collections and push discovery through Dataverse and other portals. As a result of the project, CHoM and UAL will also develop and distribute recommended best practices for describing research data for discoverability with both the special collections and current health research community in mind. This project is funded by the Council on Library & Information Resources.


Sharon Farnel, Metadata Coordinator


Amanda Harrigan, Metadata Curation Specialist


Saurabh Vashishtha

Kendall Roark (Purdue University)

Emily Gustainis (CHoM)

Amber LaFountain (CHoM)