Research Impact

Our mission is to help you communicate the impact of your work in a variety of ways to tell your research story to peers, funders, policy makers, and the public.

What is Research Impact? top

“Impact” is a broad term that encompasses the reach and influence of a researcher’s work. There are several ways to communicate the value of your research. Measuring and conveying your research impact are crucial for improving research grant applications, supporting tenure application and promotions, and connecting with other researchers and project collaborators.

Some examples include:

  • Who is citing your work?
  • Has your work influenced other kinds of tangible outcomes? (e.g. development of new instruments, methods, or practice based on your research)
  • Have news sources picked up your research and shared it with the masses?

Learn More top

There are a number of metrics and tools available to help you analyze and share your research impact.

Services top

Navigating the breadth of tools and metrics can be daunting. The University of Alberta Libraries is here to help! The Research Impact Team can provide support on a number of projects:

  • Benchmarking reports: Faculties/departments can request reports to benchmark their research output with comparable universities in Canada and worldwide.
  • Grant Application support: Pulling objective metrics may improve grant applications for individual or team grants.
  • Data Gathering and Interpretation: Bibliometric data may be collected for specific disciplinary groups or institutional levels
  • Training: Customized training/workshops on how to collect and analyze bibliometric data (e.g. InCites, Scopus, Web of Science)
  • Consultations and guidance on research impact and its measures.

Contact the Research Impact Team, for more information.