Please use Google Chrome to create your reading lists.

Step 1

Install the Extension

For Chrome, go to the Talis Aspire Reading Lists Bookmarking extension and click "Add to Chrome." Using another browser? Check your app store for Talis Aspire, or visit Talis Support.

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Step 2

Create your List

Create a reading list in Talis Aspire. Title your list according to its code in BearTracks - example ANTHR 208 LEC-A1: Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology.

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Step 3

Organize your List

Organize your reading list by topic, weeks, or any other category.

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Step 4

Gather Resources

Find resources either from the library or online. Use the Talis Aspire bookmarking extension to bookmark resources and add them to your list.

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Step 5

Request a Review

Instructors: click on "Review & Publish" to notify Library staff of your reading list.

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Step 6

Add your List to eClass

Instructors: add your reading lists to eClass for convenient access for students.

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Talis Aspire Reading List Benefits


  • Library staff will review your list to ensure:
    • List details are accurate
    • Print items added to Course Materials for short-term loan
    • Links are verified for off campus access
    • Copyright compliance
    • Chapter requests are digitized within copyright limits
  • Add resources quickly and easily with the Talis Aspire Chrome Extension
  • Update your list at any time
  • Access Analytics (under View menu) that will indicate usage of resources on your list


  • Create lists for assignments that keep resources together in one place
  • No need to create accounts on different database platforms
  • Print location information at your fingertips
  • Immediately accessible links that work from off campus
  • Add notes, reading intentions, and track your progress

Talis Aspire Links

Please note that links to Talis Aspire lists do not follow a web address. Instead, they will look like: If you're concerned about a Talis Aspire link you've received via email, you can always search for the list on Talis Aspire.