University of Alberta Student Library Advisory Council

The overall goal of the University of Alberta Student Library Advisory Council is to enhance library services to better meet evolving student needs and improve students' experience of the library. It meets to ensure effective communication and engagement between students and the University of Alberta Libraries. The Council serves as a think tank, providing the Library with feedback and input on specific issues, including Library services, communication channels, and Library policies and programs. Library staff seek to engage with students to identify student issues, interests, opinions, and suggestions. Students serve as a link between their campus communities and the Library.

2014/2015 student membership

  • Ahmad Al-Dabbagh - PhD, Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Bryan Beck - 1st year, Law
  • Connie Luu - 1st year, Education (Secondary Ed. after degree)
  • Fahim Rahman - 4th year, Science (Chemistry)
  • Justin Reinke - 2nd year, Augustana (Biology)
  • Kathryn Orydzuk - 4th year, Arts (Political Science) - Students' Union representative
  • Kimiko Pocha - 4th year, Arts (Chinese Studies)
  • Kyle Monda - 1st year, ALES (Environmental Studies)
  • Li Mao - PhD, Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research (Education)
  • Marjory Olsen - 2nd year, Arts (English)
  • Paul Li - 1st year, Science (General)
  • Qendresa Beka - MSc (Epidemiology), Graduate Students' Association representative
  • Yingyu Tao - 3rd year, Engineering (Petroleum)

Librarian members:

  • Angie Mandeville and Kim Frail: co-chairs
  • Trish Rosseel and Kathryn Arbuckle, Associate University Librarians for Public Service (ex-officio)

Terms of Reference

Student Library Advisory Council Documents

If you have questions, please contact one of the Co-Chairs, Angie Mandeville at or Kim Frail at