Distance Students - FAQ

1. Who is eligible for home delivery service? How does it work?

Any UofA student located 50km or more from Edmonton, either temporarily (e.g. field placement) or ongoing, is entitled to home delivery service. Students must register for home delivery – click on Delivery Services tab for procedures for requesting materials. (Note: Students who have registered for home delivery will show UA-DIST in the User cat2: field in their Sirsi Workflows profile.)

2. Are there any limits on where materials can be delivered?

The Library will deliver books and articles anywhere in Canada. For international locations, the Library will deliver articles only. If a student wishes to obtain books, they should contact libraries in their home location, for books in their own collections, or books they would obtain from other libraries through their Interlibrary Loan Service (there may be a fee for this service).

If there is a NEOS Library in the vicinity of a distance student's off-campus location, the student can have books listed in the NEOS catalogue delivered to that library, and return them to that or any other NEOS Library for delivery back to UofA. Standard loan periods apply. (Note: if students want articles delivered, they need to register for home delivery service)

3. Can distance students use the UofA Library in person?

Yes. If a distance student signs out materials in person at the UofA, the student is responsible for getting them back to the library. The student can return them in person or use a reliable courier service at their expense.

Distance students can also use other libraries near them that are open to the public, e.g. public, college, and university libraries. These libraries may have borrowing agreements with the UofA Library, e.g. TAL and COPPUL libraries, which means the student can borrow materials from those libraries as well as use them on-site.

4. What is a COPPUL card and how do I get one?

A COPPUL card allows you to borrow materials from any library in Canada that is a member of CURBA, the Canadian University Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement. To obtain a COPPUL card you must have a current UofA Library ID and be a borrower in good standing with the UofA Library. COPPUL cards are available from Service Desks or the Document Delivery Office.

5. Does the UofA Library provide service for distance students affiliated with other institutions

Yes. These students can use the Library in person, and can obtain an external borrower's card if they wish to borrow materials. Other services may be provided by special agreement with their home institution.